Dunki Movie All Latest Update 2023

Dunki Movie All Latest Update

Dunki Movie is a film based on Indian romance, comedy, drama, action and tragedy. It depicts illegal immigrants very well. The lead actor in this film is 'Shahrukh Khan'. The film has been directed by famous director 'Raju Hirani'.

According to Moviehub, Dunki Movie can earn up to Rs 12.5 crore in advance booking in India till 20th December 2023. And this movie has so far earned $ 915,000 dollars in foreign advance bookings. This figure is increasing every minute.

Dunky Movie has been successful in showcasing its talent in the US advance booking. It has crossed the $100,000 mark in opening on the first day. This film is being described as the best film of 'Raju Hirani' so far.

On 16th December 2023, Dunki Movie sold 8510 tickets for about 1131 shows. And this figure is increasing every minute.

This film has been passed by the censor board. This has led to the award of U/A certificate by CBFC. The film has a run time of 161 minutes (2 hours 41 minutes).

Advance booking of Dunki movie will start in India from 16th December 2023. It has already started 7 days abroad. The film has earned millions of dollars.

Dunki Movie has been produced by Jio Studios and Red Chillies Entertainment. Its budget is Rs 120 crore. In which the marketing cost is Rs 20 crore.

Dunki film is a pan India film. It will be released in many languages like Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya and English.

Dunki Movie Facts 

The film has been produced in beautiful places like Mumbai, Jabalpur, Kashmir, Buda Pest, London and Jeddah.

The cinematography of Dunki movie has been done by 'C K Muraleedharan', 'Manush Nandan' and 'Amit Roy'. The background score of the film is composed by 'Amit Pant'.

Dunki movie has been planning since 2020. It took 'Raju Hirani' 3 years to thrill the story of the film. 'Abhijat Joshi' and 'Kanika Dhillon' have an important contribution to the story of this film. The film was made in 75 days. 

This is Shah Rukh Khan's first film. Which 'Raju Hirani' is directing. Raju Hirani is an excellent director. Raju sir has previously given super-duper hits like 'Munna Bhai MBBS', 'Lage Raho Munna Bhai', '3 Idiots', 'PK'.

Recently, 'Shah Rukh Khan' has given super hit films like 'Pathaan' and 'Jawan'. Currently the craze of Shahrukh Khan is high. Due to this craze, Dunki movie will also be a super hit.

Dunki Movie will be released in India on 21 December 2023. All the rights of the film have been sold. The film will be released in North India under 'Pen Studios' and 'Pen Marudhar Entertainment' in Western India. Dunki film will be released in North America through 'Yash Raj Banner'.

The digital rights of Dunki movie have been bought by 'Jio Cinema' for Rs 150 crore. And the distribution rights of international non-plays have been sold for 230 crores.

Every scene of Dunki movie has been filmed well by Raju Irani. A lot of attention has been paid to small things in every scene.  On watching the trailer, the film looks full money worthy. Which will keep you entertained by every minutes. The film is full of twists at places. Document

question anser
release date 21 december 2023
director raju hirani
actor shahrukh khan
actress tapsee pannu
duration 2 hour 41 minuts
distributor Sameer Dixit

Dunki movie is full of comedy. This film will give you new hope. The problems faced by those who go abroad illegally are shown. This film will spread comedy as well as awareness in society.

Dunki Movie is a guide for the youth across India. And there is a lesson for Indians and other immigrants living abroad.


QUETION  1- What is the story of Dunki?
ANSER 1 - Dunki movie has main 5 characters. 'Hardi Singh Dhillon', 'Balli', Buggu Lakhanpal, Manu and Sukhi are 5 friends. They all want to go to London. More story 

QUETION  2- How much tickets sold for Dunki?
ANSER 2 -  On 19th December 2023, the Dunki movie advance booking figure has gone up to 2.75 lakh tickets.

QUETION  3 - Is Dunki a love story?
ANSER  3 -   Dunki Movie is a film based on Indian romance, comedy, drama, action and tragedy. It depicts illegal immigrants very well.

QUETION  4 - How many songs are in Dunki?
ANSER 4 - Dunki Movie has 3 songs. The song track 'Pritam Da' and background score is composed by 'Aman Pant'.

QUETION  5 - Is Dunki a remake movie?
ANSER  5 -  dunki movie is not remake any shoth indian film . this is original story by raju hirani

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