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dunki movie latest update

Dunki Movie Latest Update

@ --- On December 20, Shah Rukh Khan said a few words from his Twitter handle. Which are as follows... "(london ki tickets nahi hai.... Lekin Hardy aur usake ullu ke patthon ka aana pakka hai ! Toh aap bhi ready ho jaao unsilne ...... 1 din me)"

@ --- On 19th December 2023, the Dunki movie advance booking figure has gone up to 2.75 lakh tickets. The number of shows in India has increased to 9665.

 @ --- Dunki Movie advance booking started on December 16. During this time, Dunki Movie has sold 144186 tickets in advance booking in 2 days. The number of shows in the movie released on 21st December 2023 has increased to 6394. Dunki has earned Rs 5 crore in advance booking in the movie.

@ --- During the Dubai promotions, 'Shah Rukh Khan' shared some secrets of Dunki movie. After listening to which the fans appeared very impatient. "This is one of the best films an Indian youth must watch.

@ --- Dunki Movie has been cleared by CBFC. But in some places it will have to give a statutory warning. Like on a smoking scene. The CBFC has also ordered a warning on the scene of self-immolation. 

@ --- Dunki Movie managed to play its stink in advance booking. The film has already booked the first show in India and worldwide in advance. Overseas advance booking had started last week. As a result, the film has opened more than Rs 20.8 crore on the first day. This process is going on in India. website does not support content like dunki movie download in any way. This website respects everyone's rights. This website does not endorse piracy related activities in any way.