Dunki Movie Story

Dunki movie has main 5 characters. 'Hardi Singh Dhillon', 'Balli', Buggu Lakhanpal, Manu and Sukhi are 5 friends. They all want to go to London. Due to which they also have to take English classes. These five friends are unable to learn English.

Dunki Movie Story

In the film Dunki, Balli has a barbershop. And Buggu has a cloth shop. Both are busy in social life. But they are very eager to go abroad. Because of which all these five friends go on this journey together.

All of them try to go to London legally. But they fail. Because of which these five friends decide to go to London illegally.

The real movie has just begun. This decision to go to London is going to be heavy on all these five friends. They all walk from India to London.

The journey to London is not easy. First let's take the sea route. Then cross rivers, mountains, forests, deserts and many cities. These five friends also have to cross the international border.

Every scene in Dunki movie is linked to the next scene. The every minute has a new twist hidden in the movie. In this journey, these five friends face many challenges. 

Which you will get to see in the film. Bullets are also fired on them in the journey. Who survives? Who doesn't survive?  We'll know after watching the film. Book tickets as soon as possible and head towards the cinema.

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